Hair Essential Oil (165 ml)

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Amid the era of Busy schedule, stress and fast-paced life, we hardly get time to nourish and pamper our hair. So we at PINK MANGO, have come up with a hair care solution enriched with powerful natural ingredients.

We have curated this ayurvedic and herbal hair care formula with 25 handpicked natural herbs and nutrient-rich ingredients. It is the secret to healthy hair, as it is 100% chemical free and natural, formulated with virgin coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil. It is infused with selective miraculous herbs like fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and hibiscus flowers which makes it a complete natural rejuvenating hair tonic. It also contains the decency of onion, lemon and vitamin extracts that promotes hair growth, reduces anti-bacterial scalp infections and strengthens roots.

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If you are trying to restore the health of your chemically treated and damaged hair, using this intensive hair oil treatment is supposed to be the miraculous and right fix to – rebuild restrengthen and restructure the hair shaft.

 It is an all-in-one hair treatment oil that helps in reducing dandruff, head lice, and scalp acne. It also improves hair elasticity, encourages hair growth, reduces protein loss and replenishes moisture, giving you healthy and lustrous hair. Pink Mango hair essential oil is a professional at your fingertips. This hair oil is a magic spell for long, luscious thick and healthy hair.

It is an investment in hair wellness. So, invest in your hair as it is the crown you never take off.


  • Deep nourishment for hair.
  • Battles dandruff and head lice.
  • Strengthen roots and thickens hair.
  • Condition and hydrates hair shaft.
  • Reduces hair fall effectively.
  • Replenish and revives chemically treated hair
  • Adds shine to the lock.
  • Perfect for hair growth
  • Makes hair healthy, soft and lustrous.
  • Soften curls.
  • 100% chemical-free

Directions to use- 

Take an adequate amount of the oil depending on the hair volume and length. Gently massage it onto the roots and length of your hair. Leave it overnight or apply 40 mins before hair wash. For better results apply thrice a week It is suitable for all hair types. Use consistently for best results. 



 It helps prevent a dry flaky scalp, dandruff, split ends and hair breakage. Helps hair grow longer,  thicker and healthier.


 It has the highest content of vitamin E, Proteins and antioxidants which Reduces hair breakage and helps it grow.


 It shields the natural keratin in your hair and is a natural conditioner. Oleic acid present in olive oil locks and seals the moisture and softens the hair, giving it a smooth texture.


Rich in ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids, it removes the dead and dull hair locks and moisturizes hair. It is the best oil to enrich your scalp and prevent hair fall.


 Rich in protein and has high nicotinic content Which is known to be beneficial for a healthy scalp and hair dryness. It is also a cure for hair thinning and baldness.


 Rich in antioxidants which neutralise the free radicals and keeps the hair follicle stronger. It also prevents premature greying and boosts shine.


It contains nutrients like amino acid that produce keratin, the building blocks of our hair. It stimulates hair regrowth and deeply conditions hair. Most importantly it produces Melanin that gives the hair its natural colour.


 Onion is the repository of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that help promote blood flow to the scalp resulting in hair growth.  It has a high sulphur content that regenerates hair follicles and replenishes the nutrients.


The acidic nature of lemon unclogs hair follicles, deeply cleanse the scalp and stimulates hair regrowth. It also restores healthy Ph levels.


Vitamin E increases capillary circulation in the scalp, thereby helping to increase hair growth. It is an alternative for hair loss treatment and also helps hair grow longer, stronger, thicker and glossier.


The richness of essential oils makes it suitable for all hair types. It helps hair grow faster and revives damaged hair.


Rich in more than 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 18 Amino acids and 12 power vitamins, Aloe vera is a storehouse of benefits for hair health. It has the ability to fight dandruff, hair loss and frizz.

12) HERBS 🌿 

 This hair oil consists of 25 selectively handpicked natural herbs that act as a natural remedy for hair growth and also reduce hair loss.


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5 reviews for Hair Essential Oil (165 ml)


    Pinkmango hair oil is best PDT I have ever used.

  2. Archana arya (verified owner)

    I was suffering for heavy hair fall and dandruff both.Tried many products but at last no rest …….I used this oil in 15 days hair fall stopped and after that I could see growth of new hairs too…….order again…….Good product with positive result for hair

  3. shilpa.jajoo

    I have been using this product for sometime now and so far this oil is good to me.Being herbal and natural it gives strength to your hairs from inside. Best combination of oils and herbs give your hairs good nourishment. Over all I am satisfied with this product and recommend you to try it out.

  4. hi

    mast hai

  5. Divya Fattepurkar

    This is one of the best hair oils I have ever used. Its very gentle on the scalp and provide hair an extra softness after wash. My hair quality have definitely improved after consistently using it since last 2 years. It gives shine and also reduces hair fall. The fragrance is soothing for relaxation. Highly recommended product.

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